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We provide Technology Cosulting Services in Embedded Electronics and 3D Modeling for Mechanical Designs. We Offer Professional design services which include Hardware and Embedded Software Development, Customised Product Design.

Project Guidance in Embedded Electronics

Tech-Graylogix welcomes all Engineering students to the World of Innovation and Creativity. We provide Guidance and Training session in the field of Electronics-Communication and Mechanical Designs. .


We offer a wide range of Embedded Products that are very much user-friendly for the Application development.Our Products include GSM Modems, GPS Receivers, RFID Readers, types of Interfacing boards and sensors which are tested under multi-level conditions. 

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Interactive MultiTouch Whiteboard, “EyeRIS”

EyeRIS offers a Real-Time writing experience to the users, which makes the use of digital workspace more interesting. Interactive Whiteboard System (EyeRIS) Smart Classroom “EyeRIS is the ground-breaking, feature-rich and portable interactive whiteboard system based on the pioneering Visual Touch platform from Cybernetyx which supports Multitouch, Multiuser and gesture based interaction on about any surface.” The

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Project Guidance & Internship Programme in “ELECTRONICS & COMMUNICATION”

Tech-Graylogix is the resource center for Scientific & Engineering Services-Training Excellence in the field of Electronics. The Center offers services and training to the technical community of corporate, educational & research institutes, public sector units, Engineering students and graduates.

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IEEE Based Embedded Electronics Projects 2015-2016