Internship And Courses

Tech-Graylogix is the resource centre for Scientific & Engineering Services-Training Excellence in the field of Electronics. The Centre offers services and Internship programs to the technical community of corporate, educational & research institutes, public sector units, Engineering students and graduates.

Internship program includes a depth study on the basic architecture of various Microcontrollers and a  soft touch to the Embedded Programming concepts on various platforms for STM32, Arduino, MSP 430, Raspberry-Pi, PIC, ARM,  8051, AVR.

The selected intern(s) will work on any of the following during the internship:

* IoT (Internet of Things)

* Sensor Integration

* Wireless Communication

* Authentication System

* Embedded System Design

* Multilevel Drive and Control System

* Embedded Networks – Web-Client, Web-Server

* Robotics


Who can apply

Tech-Graylogix is looking for talented and creative individuals interested in working towards Technology advancements in the field of Electronics. We value thinkers, innovators and those willing to work hard to make a difference in the world. If you appreciate new challenges and thrive in a dynamic and growing organization then please feel free to contact us.

We require people with technically well in Basic Electronics, Good Programming Skills in Embedded C, Knowledge of Circuit Design, Simulations and Troubleshooting skills.


Additional Information

  • We expect our interns to be able to cope up with the requirements of a start-up environment.
  • The interns need to be highly motivated, smart and independent.
  • Those looking for 3 or 6 months internships or even for shorter periods can apply


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