Technology Consulting

Tech-Graylogix provide Technology Consulting Solutions in Embedded Electronics. Professional design services which include Hardware and Embedded Software Development, Customized Product Designs are offered.

Tech-Graylogix is established in the year 2007  to design and manufacture quality electronic products which are cost effective and to come up with innovative new products into the market.Our team comprises of industrial designers, electronics and mechanical engineers, manufacturing specialists who are passionate and focused as we are on making your product a market success.Our professionals utilize creativity and technical abilities in executing complex electronic  projects.

Mechanical  Design Solutions

A good Mechanical design is crucial in the development of any electronic product. At the onset of any mechanical design project, our mechanical engineers analyze the most suitable design, material, and manufacturing process. We offer our clients the highest quality design solutions that work within technical and price constraints and fulfill project objectives.

Electronic Product Design

Tech-Graylogix has experienced, skilled electronics design Engineer to facilitate the development process. Getting the right electronic design and selecting the right components leads to the success of a product. We customize as per your requirement, develop our own designs  and  subject the prototype to various field test.Custom housing will be made and final actual product is developed.  Thus come up with solutions that are implementable in the manufacturing phase.Finally We Bring quality Electronic Products to market .

Our Areas of Customized Electronic Designs-

GPS/Tracking Solutions

 Home Automation Solutions

Airport Automation Solutions

GSM Based Automation Solutions

Industrial Weighing Automation Solutions

Lab Equipment Automation Solutions

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