DTMF Decoder

Product ID: 1195

DTMF Decoder 4 Bits with Cable

Product ID: 1195 Power Supply: 5V DC or 7 to 12V AC/DC Input AUX Cable Output: 4 Bit DTMF Logic TTL Output and LED Indication Decodes DTMF audio signal to 4 bit binary TTL level output with LED indication. Suitable for use with Arduino, 8051, PIC and any other microcontroller applications Applications: Remote Control systems, Caller ID applications, FM receiver based remote control. Remote control using Mobile phone Connect regulated +5V DC supply for operation of board. Outputs D1-4 and DV are active high output at 5V level. If any LED is on means that output is at high level. VT LED blinks once a new DTMF tone is received. The binary data appears at D1 to D4. Signal can be from an audio source like microphone amplifier, FM radio receiver, wired phone line.