We offer a wide range of Embedded Products that are very much user-friendly for the Application development. Our Products include GSM Modems, GPS Receivers, RFID Readers, types of Interfacing boards and sensors which are tested under multi-level conditions.

Rain Drop Sensor

Operating Voltage: 5V power LED indicator, & output signal LED indicator. TTL-level output, Driving capability 100mA, It can directly drive relays, buzzer, small fans, etc. Sensitivity can be adjusted via potentiometer Raindrop Sensor Board and control panel Board are separate, easy to wire leads. A large area of very sensitive rain board, more conductive are to detect rain. Board with positioning holes to facilitate mounting panel board size: 3 * 1.6 MM large raindrop detection plate 5.4mm * 4.0mm (Nickel Coated Sensor Boards with 0.5 micron build up, hence long life, no corrosion and no oxidization.)

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