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Security in travel is primary concern for everyone. This Project describes a design of effective SMS based tracking system that can monitor an automotive / vehicle / car condition in travelling. The idea shows that project is designed to prevent the accident and to inform emergency about an accident that has occurred. Initially the Controller will be continuously monitoring for the present conditions of the vibration (impact) sensor. The vibration sensor senses a severe hit, then these signals are sent to the controller and the controller receives the signal from the GPS receiver and fetches the co ordinates of the place. The GPS in turn gives the longitude and latitude information to the controller. The controller then sends this information to the ambulance and the police, using the GSM Modem, so that they can know the exact position of the accident.


This project aims at providing smooth flow of notice from higher authority in a school or college to respective staff room or class and thus reducing the manual overhead involved to carry the notice and usage of paper. This system makes use of the RF and GSM network in the institution and displays it in respective destination using array of LCDs.

Drowsiness Detection Along With Vehicle Automation

The purpose of this project is to prevent the driver of a vehicle from falling asleep. This can be implemented in the form of a goggle . as soon as the person is drowsy and he closes his eyes, an alarm occurs and gets him out of his sleep.

Campus Cab

This project is implemented to an organization which has got a huge campus where short transportation is required. A technology were robotics is converted to transportation which does not requires any kind of fuel to run or any kind of manual support

Border Security System

This project aims to build a security system for the Borders using an embedded controller. Here the Micro Controller acts as the heart of the circuit and is designed to be the Decision maker. The authorized soldiers are provided with smart cards, which acts their authentifier. Only the authenticated people are allowed to that area. If any intruder is found then an alarm switches ON and information is transferred wirelessly to the concerned dept for further action.

Autonomous Human Tracing Robot

The autonomous security guard robot will monitor and report the status of its guarding area, patrol inside a designated area and report intruders. This project intends to build a working prototype of a sentry/patrol robot. The robot is capable of patrolling an area without human interaction while providing feedback as to the state of its surroundings. All instructions to the robot can be given prior to its actual application.

Automated Highway Toll Tax Collector

In this project we are introducing a new method of paying highway toll using a RFID card. Here the vehicle owner has to purchase a RFID card from highway authority which will be like an ATM card with some currency and also the details of the documents of the vehicle like RC, insurance validity, emission status. RFID reader fixed near the first gate senses the tag placed in the vehicle and the toll fees is debited automatically and simultaneously checks for the documents validity. If the documents detail matches with the database, second gate will be automatically opened. The computer placed in the toll station will show the toll fees collected, balance remaining in the card and the documents status and also it informs the person if there is low balance or insufficient balance toopen the gate. This project will eliminate the manual presence near tollgate as well as time required to pay toll and avoids the fake documents present in the vehicle.

ATM Threat Detection System

When any ATM user enter into an ATM to withdraw money for his need, and suddenly thief’s enters into the ATM with a knife or a pistol, and force you to withdraw the entire amount in your account (considering the ATM has no security guard and is in a remote place). In these situations this project gives security as well as safety to user.

Advanced Auto Mode Vehicle

An autonomous car, also known as robotic or informally as driverless, is an autonomous vehicle capable of fulfilling the human transportation capabilities of a traditional car. As an autonomous vehicle, it is capable of sensing its environment and navigating on its own. A human may choose a destination, but is not required to perform any mechanical operation of the vehicle.

3-4 Axis Robotic Hand For Industrial- Laboratory Applications

The robotic arm is an extension of the human hand. This device can be used for picking and placing components/ equipments etc. in a circular region. The 8051 microcontroller is used for all the decision making.

Automatic highway signalling system

The main objective of this project is developed in the vision of preventing accidents in the highways. In this project we will give prior intimation to the Engine driver about the obstacles present in the highways such as (red, yellow, green, hump, steep curve, zigzag etc.)

Automated Ambulance Detection And Traffic Control

The main idea about the project is automating the movement of emergency services vehicles like ambulance, the idea is to ease the movement of ambulance by detecting it and controlling the traffic signal.

Raspberry Pi Based Secured Message Service System For Mlitary Application

The aim of this project is to provide secured message service system with encryption and decryption method, which is communicated between the different military units and protects the data being displayed to the unauthorized user.


This project aims to build an automated attendance system, which can be configured, in different profiles using an embedded controller and PC and also aims at maintaining attendance of students and builds a secured entry to the class by using RFID. Here the RFID is connected to the controller and the data is maintained in the server database.


This projects is based on prevention of collision of trains, by knowing the current position of the trains . For this purpose RFID readers are placed at every station. Every train that passes through a specific station has a RFID tag in it. When the train passes the RFID reader which is placed near the station, it reads the information present in the tag. This tag passes the information onto the computer that compares the information with the table present in it with the information sent by the RFID reader. This is passed onto the microcontroller which switches the tracks using a stepper motor. In the mean time the oncoming train is made to wait while the other train takes the switched route. A tracking system using IR sensors also used independent of the RFID system.

Advanced Parking Assistance System

An ideal solution for today’s car parking and traffic problem in cities. Automated Parking Assistance System offers utmost efficiency, convenience, safety & reliability

Advanced Irrigation System Using RFID

The main aim of this project is using the RFID is done o control the Pump in the field from a base station using RF communication. Each farmer will be given an rfid card for his identity. When he swipes the card in the base station, the pump in his farm is switched ON and it will be ON till moisture content of the soil is satisfactory

Advanced Irrigation System Using GSM

The aim of this project is to provide an efficient solution for automatic control of irrigation motor based on the soil moisture sensor. The GSM Modem is used to send the message to switch ON the pump, but when a switch ON message is sent, the moisture content is also considered. Only if the moisture content is less, the pump will be ON . Else it will be in the OFF state only

Anti Collision With Password Locking And Dim Dipper Head Light

The main aim of this project is to develop an anti-collision system for vehicle which can be used for real time application. The main features of the project are: IR Distance Meter and LCD Display. This system monitors the distance between our car and any other vehicle or obstacles in the front. If our car crosses a particular limit a warning massage will be displayed in LCD screen.

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